November 2017

September 2017

  • Saketh, Alyssa and Josh all gave great posters at the 2017 Nanomedicine Drug Delivery Symposium (NanoDDS2017) at the University of Michigan this September in Ann Arbor.


August 2017

  • Saketh Gudipati and Josh Santiana presented their work on new enzyme-mediated assembly of ligands on nanoparticle surfaces at the 254th ACS National Meeting in Washington D. C.

  • Undergraduate Researcher Nicole Gomez presented her work this summer on peptide crosslinked nucleic acid nanocapsules at the joint REU/Summer Chemistry Fellowship Symposium.

July 2017

  • The group welcomes two ACS SEED High School Scholars, Zaret Rodriguez (left) and Maiena Kheyabani and (right) with Alyssa Hartmann their summer research mentor.



June 2017

  • The group says good bye to Jamie, our Glastonbury High School researcher who will be going off to the University of Pittsburgh this Fall.

May 2017

  • The Lab hosted UConn’s Early College Experience (ECE) training workshop for High School Chemistry Teachers in Connecticut on May 12th 2017.  The workshop titled Integrating lessons in bionanotechnology research with lessons in teaching: A workshop for high school chemistry teachers” gave high school teachers hands on experience in the research the lab does using biomaterials at the nanoscale.                        
  • Pictured above, Alyssa Hartmann working with teachers on separating nanomaterials using gel electrophoresis.

April 2017


  • Great discussions of undergraduate research were had Connecticut Valley Section of the ACS Undergraduate Symposium. Also, UConn Researchers joined Trinity College Scientists in standing up for Science on Earth Day.    

At the meeting Emily Saccuzzo from our group presented her work on aptamer-NPs.


March 2017

  • Congrats to undergraduate researcher Emily Saccuzzo for winning a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) from UCONN to conduct her research in the group this summer!
  • Congratulations also to undergraduate researcher Nicole Gomez for receiving a Summer Research Fellowship from the Chemistry Department to conduct her research this summer!

February 2017 

  • The group welcomes new freshman undergraduate researchers Halle Barber and Kris Channa to the group.  Welcome Halle and Kris!

December 2016

Sept 2016

  • The group is excited to welcome Dominic Cairns-Gibson from the University of Edinburgh.  He will spending a year in the group as an exchange student doing research.  Welcome Dom!

July 2016

  • Joseph and David’s recent work on NP-templated lipid bilayer formation was recently accepted for publication in Nanoscale – congrats!

June 2016

  • The group welcomes Dr. Binglin Sui as a postdoctoral researcher to the Lab!

May 2016

  • We recently traveled to Bethany Community School in CT to share the potential of DNA and nanoscience with elementary school students in their innovative GEMS program (pictures).
  • Congrats Saketh Gudipati for being selected as the graduate student speaker for the UCONN American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Symposium!

                AAPS poster session 2016

Saketh Gudipati and Josh Santiana at AAPS local meeting.

April 2016

  • Congrats to Nicole Gomez who has been selected for an undergraduate summer research fellowship from the UConn chemistry department !

March 2016

  • The group had fun participating in the Center for Talented Youth family series on Chemical Approaches to Nanomaterials (pictures).

February 2016

  • The group welcomes UCONN Chemistry sophomore Nicole Gomez to the group!

January 2016

  • The group welcomes our first undergraduate researcher, Emily Saccuzzo!

October 2015

  • The group welcomes new graduate students to the group: Saketh Gudipati, Alyssa Hartmann, David Loe and Josh Santiana!

August 2015

  • The group welcomes Dr. Joseph Awino as a new Postdoctoral Researcher to the group.